The structural functional theory and its stipulation of marriage functions

And a thorough examination must take up the question of why discrimination is wrong. Fallers found among the Busoga a relatively high incidence of divorce, which he attributed in part to the fact that loyalties to natal lineages undermined the bonds established at marriage.

Thus inequality serves social stability. But certain levels act as points of reference for specific subgroups of greater functional significance, for example, in the context of ceremonial food sharing, or landholding, or payments of compensation for homicide.

John Hart Ely defends a version of this eighth view, holding that discriminatory acts are those that are motivated by prejudice.

Family Functions: Structural-Functional Analysis Research Paper Starter

For example, establishing the equal status of women in society is made more difficult by the fact that certain religious groups exclude women from positions of spiritual leadership.

Broadly speaking, the use of a specific kinship designation, e. The particular patterns of grouping kinsmen show considerable variety, and each must be understood in its own terms before it can be compared with systems based on other principles of grouping.

Or at least that is what the proponents of the idea of indirect discrimination appear to have in mind when they talk about non-structural forms of indirect discrimination. Extensive lineage ties are of particular significance where the population is sparse, and where local groups are bound to be small and therefore able to provide little support in emergencies.

Southern Illinois University Press. Magagula is a graduate fellow. Describe the structure and function of the nucleus. A number of anthropologists have attempted to classify the various rights which are known to be allocated at marriage in different societies.

There is an additional point that needs to be made in connection with the wrongfulness of discrimination in its moralized sense. Consider the structural form of indirect discrimination. Hunchback, Gerold connects his confinement prosperously.

Moreover, although leveling down would, in typical cases, deprive everyone of something to which all are entitled, it does not follow that leveling down would constitute discrimination. The second is assessing the posited utility function by direct empirical evidence for example, by interviews, laboratory investigations, and examination of document or rituals of its existence and validity as a general psychological principle.

The structural functional theory and its stipulation of marriage functions

Certainly, young humans need social and economic support as well as constant care in order to survive and become contributing members of society.

Those in which such prescriptions do not exist have been characterized as having open marriage systems. Unification of others in society: Regulations which prescribe marriage outside a stipulated group are referred to as rules of exogamy. The number of single parent families is on the rise not only in the United States, but in other postindustrial societies as well due in part to such factors as high divorce rates and the decision of some individuals to have children outside of marriage.

Structural functionalism

The concept of discrimination cannot, by itself, settle the question, because the concept only tells us that it is properly applied to the imposition of wrongful disadvantages on account of salient group membership. Two other theoretical issues, closely related to coherence, concern how perfectly cultures are realized or reproduced in the individual and in the social structure.

Norwegians might have had an even better education than southern whites, but Norwegians posed little threat of domination to southern whites or blacks, because they lived under an entirely separate political structure, having minimal relations to American citizens.

Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE In Sociology Structural functionalism refers to the distinct structures or institutions that shape a society and each structure has a specific function or role to play in determining the behaviour of the society.

For him, "collective conscience" was a representation of all that was common in society. It is clear that the policy of the bar was wrong, but the question of what makes the policy and other instances direct discrimination wrongful will be put on hold until section 4.

Moreover, the kinds of rearrangements which do occur have important implications for many kinds of social relations. Perceptions of society reflected the failings of a selfish human nature rather than the perfection of God. The linkage of individuals through marriage leads to the creation of new groups or, in NadeFs terminology, to the creation of new sets of bounded social relationships and thereby constitutes a phase in the developmental cycle of kin groups.

In such cases, the agents are guilty of direct discrimination. In venturing the following conceptual and methodological suggestions, I limit their intent to the first mode, namely culture as a social-scientific concept. Thus understood, structural discrimination is, as a conceptual matter, necessarily indirect, although, as empirical matter, direct discrimination is (almost) always part of the story of how structural discrimination came to be and continues to exist.

Paradigms, Theory, Research, and Ethnics of Social Research What are the functions of theory? Functions of theory: Structural functionalism- focuses on the functions the elements of society perform for the whole system of society.

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Dysfunction of education include not getting good grade, not getting a job etc. o functional analysts tend to focus on the statics of social structure and to neglect the study of structural change o concept of dysfunction implies the concept of strain, stress and tension on the structural level of a social system.


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Eisenstadt addresses the long-standing issue of the stabilizing and order-maintaining functions of culture (rooted especially in Durkheim's sociology of religion) and its changing and transformative functions (rooted especially in Weber's sociology of religion).

The structural functional theory and its stipulation of marriage functions
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