The dangers and risks of cheerleading

Like minded individuals will not rest until all of our children are wrapped in BPA free bubble wrap, swimming in anti-bacterial soap, and being force fed organic, free-range everything. We should also banned physical education at school because kids might get a bump in class and sue the school.

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But Castro said cheerleading was too important to her daughter to stop even after she suffered a serious injury. The idealized version of a woman is thin Aubrey, pg. With this framework in mind, Fredrickson and Roberts suggest explanations for consequences they believe are the result of sexual objectification.

This is exactly the kind of knee jerk reaction that leads to over regulation. Plus an adolescent brain is still developing making the risk even greater. The livelihood of all future generations has been placed at great risk. In the late s, many school manuals and newspapers that were published still referred to cheerleaders as "chap," "fellow," and "man".

The Gardasil vaccine deregulates the immune system and that allows latent infections and viruses, which were kept in check pre-vaccine by a then properly functioning immune system, to activate post-vaccine. If Obama is going to get re-elected these football players should learn more relevant skills like bowing, apologizing and the correct way to use an EBT card.

Lawyers only do what their clients ask them to do. The Cheerleading Worlds are only for teams that are level 5 and up. If change is coming, it is too late for the Phommanyvongs.

Professional cheerleading eventually spread to soccer and basketball teams as well. These squads have become part of a year-round cycle. Just google the lawsuits that are popping up by former NFL players. The consequences suggested are: Squads also perform at pep rallies and compete against other local schools from the area.

What began as the classic sweater and mid-calf pleated skirt uniform has now come to incorporate materials that allow for stretch and flexibility. This means that Americheer events offer bids to The U.

Many cheer coaches only have to pass an open-book test to gain a safety certification. Below is an infographic called "Cheerleaders Fly High, and So Do Their Risks" which has many statistics regarding the safety of of the many causes of cheerleading injuries is a lack of proper communication equipment for performances and practices.

Cheerleading is an activity wherein the participants (referred to as "cheerleaders") cheer for their team as a form of encouragement.

It can range from chanting slogans to intense physical can be performed to motivate sports teams, to entertain the audience, or for competition. | Home | About Us | Attorneys | Practice Areas | News | Contact Us Attorneys Carla Varriale is a litigator who has represented Major League Baseball teams and players, minor league teams and clients in the recreation and sports industries.

Carla writes and lectures on various issues of interest to sports, recreation and entertainment venues.


A rate makes a world of difference in how people interpret dangers and risks. For example, if I told you there were unprovoked shark attacks in the U.S. from toyou might get. DowFact or Fiction [Charles W.

Dangers of Cheerleading

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Mar 31,  · Emergency room visits for cheerleading injuries nationwide have more than doubled since the early s, far outpacing the growth in the number of cheerleaders, and the rate of .

The dangers and risks of cheerleading
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