Fashion in the 1950s

So were turbans, tipped back from the face. Her casual, open, hip-length blazer jackets were imitated by almost everyone. Shorts were very short in the early s, and mid-thigh length Bermuda shorts appeared around and remained fashionable through the remainder of the decade.

1950s Men’s Fashion

Glasses became a fashion statement and featured new designs like the cat's-eye style with flared, pointed edges. Style Clothing became an important part of culture in the s, with the country going through many societal and cultural changes.

Source Hairstyles of the s Long hair, often worn by young girls, was drawn up into ponytails, or pulled into a French twist for formal occasions.

The semi-fitted suit with a narrow jacket very slightly indented at the waist and the form-fitting sheath dress were introduced.

Straps attached to the hems of slacks pulled wrinkles of the fabric, for a sleek, tapered look. For leisure wear, the corduroy jacket was much in favor. As the decade moved on, polka dots became a very popular style. The Asian look, which had been so important inbecame even more popular in The side zipper was a popular closure as it left a smooth front and seemed dressier than front-zipped jeans.

Hats, shoes, hair and fur were all quite important in the wardrobe. Fur fabrics improved enormously and made luxurious linings in couture clothes and whole coats in the ready-to-wear ranges. Teenagers wore short socks called Bobby socks with New Look style skirts.

Tailored suits had fitted jackets with peplums, usually worn with a long, narrow pencil skirt. Or the simple everyday dresses also pictured. Pearls or faux pearls were the iconic necklace of the s.

The most typical and universal accessory was the stole, which was work with suits, dresses and evening clothes. The fashionable double-breasted lounge suit had the jacket in button-2, show-3 style, with fairly long collar and lapels.

Slacks at home were tapered to the leg like Edwardian trousers, long shorts were tailored of fine flannel. From loose hostess pants to tight knit slacks and short shorts, trousers made inroads into women's fashions.

Coats nearly always came with matching dresses and jacket costumes were accompanied by specially designed overblouses. They did not use makeup. Most of the maternity dresses were two pieces with loose tops and narrow skirts.

Tunics were very popular, making their presence felt in collections ranging from Charles James to Givenchy. Slacks at home were tapered to the leg like Edwardian trousers, long shorts were tailored of fine flannel.

Plastic pop beads were a popular costume accessory.

Fashion History—Women's Clothing of the 1950s

These guys are not at the office and they are the perfect showcase for the s casual look. The form fitting silhouette was softened by distinct bulk at the top, by a back-flaring profile line and by necklines opened wide in a cuff or fold around the throat and chest.

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Jeans, leather boots and a white t-shirt fast became a symbol of teenage rebellion for boys everywhere. Inshe introduced her signature quilted handbag with a gilt chain strap; it is still popular.

Fashion that was popular in the turnonepoundintoonemillion.comly colored clothes and accessories became fashionable in the s and the bikini was developed.

Subcategories. This category has. s fashion was a return to glamour and positivity. Clothes rationing was over and luxurious materials came back. Cocktail dresses made of silk and velvet were designed to be worn in the evening. s Fashion – Women’s Dresses Women dressed “smartly’ in the Fifties.

s Fashion Women’s Dresses were all about good grooming and a tailored look, these attributes were prized. Acting and looking “every inch the lady” was taught virtually from the cradle and wearing a dress was a given. s Men’s Fashion – fashions for men in the 50’s are often thought of in terms of the Fonz and Grease.

Well, forget that. These picture are a far more mainstream view of how men actually dressed. I’ve started with someone who typified looking sharp. Frank Sinatra was the 50’s.

Fashion in the s varied greatly from the beginning to end. Maybe not quite as extreme as the ’60s, s fashion saw the introduction of many new styles as.

s Fashion History for Women Women’s fashions: Military inspired wide shoulders, puffed sleeves, masculine necklines, A-line skirts, and minimal decoration. In many ways, the s took a big step back, especially for women.

Fashion in the 1950s
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s Fashions - Women's Dresses